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  • The Hidden Darkness


    Sometimes it comes  like a big dark cloud. That type of cloud that comes out of nowhere, heading towards you slowly.  Like an Armageddon you can´t escape. Other times you can feel it for a while, brewing underneath the surface. Your not sure why or when. But you know it is about to happen. Destruction. […]

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  • It Is never Too Late


    ¨ You´re always one decision  away from a totally different life ¨ – Tony Robbins How true is that ? And how ridiculous easy does that sounds? That was a bit of an eye opener for me. To read it. Black on white. As they say. But it is so easy to forget. The days […]

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  • Stop The Judging


    Last night I before I went to bed, I came a cross a post that Wentworth Miller has written on Facebook. You know the hot guy from the Prison Break Series. Read it HER ! Shortly told… someone has made a meme of an old picture and a picture from Prison Break. The old picture […]

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  • The Perfect Life


    This morning I had an e-mail from a girl/woman , thanking me for writing about my shit week. Just wanted to thank you for writing about the bad days in life aswell as positive. Many bloggers only write about the positive aspects of their life and although I enjoy reading blogs, sometimes it makes my […]