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    Surely I can´t be the only one who freak out on the typical “New Start Day´s” You know the one´s. Mondays, birthdays, New Year. We all know that these “days” are coming. We prepare ourselves for the better life and routines we are going to begin. Well I do anyways. And every year and honestly […]

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  • Luck Finally Strikes


    I have had a crazy few days again. Seems to be a never-ending story this. I wrote last week how I lost my purse. Oh, yeas! With everything. Money, bank card, make-up, my phone, my mum´s phone. Yeas, I also had her phone in the bag. :/ And most importantly 2 pictures of my grandma, […]

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  • Inspirational Day

    Do you ever lack inspiration? Do you ever wake up, look at the time and count how many hours it is left for you to be able to go back to bed? I have done so. For a couple of weeks now. Still looking for a job. Still looking for “the meaning of life”. I […]