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  • Working From Home


    I have been working from home for a while, but guess what??? Now I have finally gotten my first home office! Well….office and office. My own little workspace. A much needed workspace. I am multitasking my socks off, so this will hopefully create a more structured frame of mind. WIth the blogging, photography and the […]

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  • Keep The Faith


    Yesterday I was delivering a C9 detox to a customer, a man. He seemed very exited , although nervous. Which is normal. Giving up a lot of things in your daily life , should be a bit nerve wrecking. He had full support from his other half, who probably also pushed him towards doing it […]

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  • The Day of Rest


    Today I shall try something I haven´t done in awhile. People call it rest. I am going to take a time-out from everything. Uhhhh, at least I am going to try. Even tough my Sunday lay-in completely failed again. For the last month, I have woken up  before my alarm goes off. A month ago […]

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  • C9 My Summary


    I must admit that I was pretty nervous before starting the detox. This was going to be 9 whole days, with strict routines and dealing with cravings. Worst was of course not to drink as much coffee. Unfortunately I had to postpone the detox for a week due to pneumonia. But in a way that […]