• Life
  • The Day of Rest


    Today I shall try something I haven´t done in awhile. People call it rest. I am going to take a time-out from everything. Uhhhh, at least I am going to try. Even tough my Sunday lay-in completely failed again. For the last month, I have woken up  before my alarm goes off. A month ago […]

  • Health
  • Day 3 – C9 Detox


    Today the detox changed a bit. Which was great 🙂 It meant that I could have a shake also in the morning and the best part….food in the evening. Not just fruit as snack , but a whole meal. I decided on a proper chicken salad, full of different delicious stuff  however I was full […]

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  • Let People Grieve


    Have you ever noticed that if someone dies, people give you a “grieve time”. And after a certain time, your time of grieving is over and you are expected to move on. Start laughing. Stop talking about the the person. Is this realistic? I have lost many close people in my life. And although my […]

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  • Choose or Loose


    When do you have to realize that you can´t save your relationship? No matter have much you love the other person, there is a time ( in some relationships)  when you have to realize that you can´t continue living with this other person. So why is it that we just continue. We try and try […]

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  • Who Are You Living For ?

    Why are we always aiming to please? Why do we always have to do stuff, so that others will consider us successful ? And by the way ….who dedices what sucsess is ? Now that I have passed the dreaded 3 – 0 ….There are always the same questions coming my way. And by always, […]