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  • Me So Clever


    The last couple of days have been pretty stressful. Yeas, I am still trying to break-up with the stress. Computer down. Got fixed. Then of course , I had completely forgotten most of my passwords. Why? Because stupid me had not written them down anywhere and everything was on the computer. Me so clever…. These […]

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  • Inspirational Day

    Do you ever lack inspiration? Do you ever wake up, look at the time and count how many hours it is left for you to be able to go back to bed? I have done so. For a couple of weeks now. Still looking for a job. Still looking for “the meaning of life”. I […]

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  • I Need Some Colour


    Where I live it is sunny most part of the year. It hardly rains, EVER! But wintertime has unfortunateĀ  gotten colder the last years šŸ™ It is not just the fact that I am not a fan of snow and freezing my a** off, but also my health which is the reason for me running […]