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  • Stop The Judging


    Last night I before I went to bed, I came a cross a post that Wentworth Miller has written on Facebook. You know the hot guy from the Prison Break Series. Read it HER ! Shortly told… someone has made a meme of an old picture and a picture from Prison Break. The old picture […]

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  • Luck Finally Strikes


    I have had a crazy few days again. Seems to be a never-ending story this. I wrote last week how I lost my purse. Oh, yeas! With everything. Money, bank card, make-up, my phone, my mum´s phone. Yeas, I also had her phone in the bag. :/ And most importantly 2 pictures of my grandma, […]

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  • The Perfect Life


    This morning I had an e-mail from a girl/woman , thanking me for writing about my shit week. Just wanted to thank you for writing about the bad days in life aswell as positive. Many bloggers only write about the positive aspects of their life and although I enjoy reading blogs, sometimes it makes my […]

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  • The Secret


    There is time for some big changes. I mean B I G. I have watched The Secret ….again. They say you have to be ready for what the universe have to offer you, I am ready! Oh,boy am I ready!!! I know I have to get better in a lot of things, like handeling my […]

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  • Work On Yourself


    Everybody has something they regret doing or more importantly NOT doing. I came over an article at the inspiring page , The Open Mind . Ten choices you WILL regret in 10 years, read the full article here. 1.  Wearing a mask to impress others. 2. Letting someone else create your dreams for you. 3. […]

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  • Me So Clever


    The last couple of days have been pretty stressful. Yeas, I am still trying to break-up with the stress. Computer down. Got fixed. Then of course , I had completely forgotten most of my passwords. Why? Because stupid me had not written them down anywhere and everything was on the computer. Me so clever…. These […]