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    Surely I can´t be the only one who freak out on the typical “New Start Day´s” You know the one´s. Mondays, birthdays, New Year. We all know that these “days” are coming. We prepare ourselves for the better life and routines we are going to begin. Well I do anyways. And every year and honestly […]

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  • The Hidden Darkness


    Sometimes it comes  like a big dark cloud. That type of cloud that comes out of nowhere, heading towards you slowly.  Like an Armageddon you can´t escape. Other times you can feel it for a while, brewing underneath the surface. Your not sure why or when. But you know it is about to happen. Destruction. […]

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  • It Is never Too Late


    ¨ You´re always one decision  away from a totally different life ¨ – Tony Robbins How true is that ? And how ridiculous easy does that sounds? That was a bit of an eye opener for me. To read it. Black on white. As they say. But it is so easy to forget. The days […]

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  • Be You


    Yesterday Jennifer Aniston published a post on the Huffington Post called , For The Record. Read it HERE ! The article is about how women is being portrait and the way media / journalist is constantly questioning if she is getting fat or if she is pregnant. The objectification and scrutiny we put women through […]