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  • Day 3 – C9 Detox


    Today the detox changed a bit. Which was great 🙂 It meant that I could have a shake also in the morning and the best part….food in the evening. Not just fruit as snack , but a whole meal. I decided on a proper chicken salad, full of different delicious stuff  however I was full […]

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  • Day 2 – C9 Detox


    Day 2 means that it is day 3 tomorrow! And that my friends mean food! Tomorrow that is. And not like loads, but warm and healthy. Wohaaa !!! But today wasn´t bad. Although I did wake up in the middle of the night really, really hungry..?… I never do that even if I haven´t eaten […]

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  • Day 1 – Detox C9


    So, this is day 1 of the C9 detox. So far, so good. Although ….today I seem to want everything that I normally don´t. Bacon, pancakes,  cakes , chocolate…oh well….I always want chocolate. I woke up hungry, even tough I normally don’t eat breakfast. My head is playing games with me 🙁 I am not […]