Super Sunday Motivation – Marie Forleo

When I first stumbled up on Marie Forelo´s page , I tought that it might be a bit to “happy go lucky” for my liking.

You see….I have a problem with happy people. Not in genuine happy people.

Just people who are overly exited. Happy and smiling all the time. That´s just not right. There are more feelings in life. You are allowed to feel. I just don’t trust them.

And those people who laughs out loud, like a lot…..I mean come on! Nothing is that funny, for that long.

But Marie? She is real!

She touches on so many different subjects. From life to work strategies.

When she speaks. You listen.

When she does interviews. She really cares.

And she interviews a lot of interesting people .

She is a life coach, motivational speaker, author and web television host, the focus is  on small business and personal development training for entrepreneurs. But personally I think anyone can benefit in her talks and videos.

A mind shift, doesn´t have boundaries and knowledge strengthens the tought process.

Oprah Winfrey called Forleo “a thought leader for the next generation.”

And isn´t it just what we need ?

Generations that THINK ! Use their heads. Follow their dreams , but still are able to show empathy and willpower.

Sometimes it all makes sense when someone else says it 😉


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