Sharing Is Caring

Surely I can´t be the only one who freak out on the typical “New Start Day´s”

You know the one´s.

Mondays, birthdays, New Year. We all know that these “days” are coming.

We prepare ourselves for the better life and routines we are going to begin.

Well I do anyways.

And every year and honestly every Monday…I just can not  get kick-started into the whole process of starting. Something comes in the way.

Every. Singel. Time.

Sometimes it´s actually just the motivation that gets lost.

Lately I have read,read, read and read some more and watched videos of people who motivates, coach or just gives you plain, real talks about how to handle life or/and business.

Personally I have gone trough some changes, decisions and in general soul-searching.

What do I want in life? Where do I want to be? How can I get there? How can I manage all this thoughts and stress I constantly feel ? Will I find my “purpose”? How do I start believing in myself?

The list is long. Very long. A lot longer.

On this search, I have found a lot of interesting people, pages, books and videos.

I love internet!

So from now on I will recommend an inspiring person or page  every Sunday.

Sunday Motivation


I choose Sunday, because Sundays are  better than Mondays right ? 😉

Do you have anything that inspires you or motivates you when it comes to life or work?

A page or person that makes you feel good ?

If so,  let me know ! 🙂

Sharing is caring!

We all need to get that little kick up the ass to see things in a different way or just to get going in life.


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