The Hidden Darkness

Sometimes it comes  like a big dark cloud. That type of cloud that comes out of nowhere, heading towards you slowly.  Like an Armageddon you can´t escape.

Other times you can feel it for a while, brewing underneath the surface. Your not sure why or when. But you know it is about to happen.

Destruction. Sadness. Emptiness.

That feeling of “nothing”.

Nothing matters. Nothing makes sense.

You exists.

But you´re not there.


Just so time can pass by. Just so thoughts can rest. Just so you can escape.

Escape from the world, yourself and emptiness.

Like a sinking ship.

You want to be saved.

You want to be understood.

But how can anyone understand.

When you can´t even understand it yourself.


The darkest, loneliest, most surreal place to be.


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