Time To Get Real About What´s Going On In The World

Where is this world heading?

With all the recent events. With all the deaths.

Religion! Politics! Money! Corruption!

I feel scared. We all should.

We aren´t safe anywhere at the moment. And if you think you are. You have a false security.

Airport, cinema, beach, shopping center, street ….France, Turkey, England, Spain, America……..anywhere, any place, any time……and for any reason.

A lot of people say that it doesn´t help writing about it, tweeting about it, demonstrating ….so what can we do?  We the people?

Is it enough to trust the world leaders to “sort” it? Has that helped so far? Are they telling us the truth? The whole truth?

Or are we the “normal people” being used in a bigger game plan  and lied to?

Young or old…read up ! Stop acting ignorant!

And on the other hand, don´t belive everything you read or see on the television. Do your research ! Make your own mind up ! Get involved !

I´m not sure what “we” can do. But I do belive that just sitting on the fence, knowing nothing about what´s going on in the world is just plain ignorance. And how far can we go with that?

To search for inner understanding and inner peace has great importance for our daily life.

To search for a bigger understanding and peace “in the world” ,has a massive importance for the next generations.


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