10 Things I Need This Summer

As the summer is getting closer, I find myself wanting to surround myself with bold, strong colours. Yeas, even more so this time of the year 😉

In all the stress and worries , bold colours makes me happy and strangely enough calm.

There are a few thing that I really need to get asap. I am not sure why. I just feel a huge urge to have these things.

  1. Pineapple Cups , eheeeem ….there is no need for words on this one. They are just awesome! 31367485_000_b

2. Giant Flamingo Pool Toy. I don´t have a pool, but I am pretty sure I could find one if I had one of these! It´s pretty much a dream. Hmm…my neigbours have a pool …..


3. I do love flamingoes! These Tropical Party Flamingo Lights can bright up any place in the house or terrace.  Pure happiness !


4. I really wish I had a garden or a massive terrace. Imagine spending your day off in one of these Garden Hammock ….om my !!!


5. Hello dream ! Hello Giant Unicorn Float !!!


6. Summer days needs summer beats. How cool is this Retro Sound –  compact radio/ speaker !!!!


7. I really don´t like bugs in my drink. These Tropical Party Drinking Jars, isn´t just fabulous but also practical.


8. I do love fresh flowers. Especially in the summer. But FAKE PALM TREE ??? Perfection !!!!!!


9. I have really really really wanted these ones for about 4 years now. Flamingo garden ornaments. Wiiiiiiiiii !!! I. Must. Have. Now.


10. Last but not least! This is actually what I need most in my life at the moment!! PINK HAIR !!!!! OMG !!!!!



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