10 Things To Remember In The Roller coaster Life

These last couple of days/months have been extremely challenging ….yet again.

Maybe I should call this blog , The Rollercoaster Life 😉

My mum has been really ill and I have been so scared. Of course a couple of other shitty things happened on top of it all, so I have been an absolute wreck.

She is my mum , my everything.

And finally she is a bit  better now, thank god!

It made me realize so much.

  • I am very good at thinking about the past.
  • I am definitely not good enough living and appreciating the present.
  • I am not good enough at telling the people in my life how much I appreciate and love them
  • I worry myself sick. I stop eating, sleeping and even breathing.

It is not for the lack of trying.


I am strong and get things done. But as soon as I have time alone or away I break down, in a flood of tears and feelings.

This is something I really need to work on. When I write it down, it is so obvious what I need to do and what I really shouldn´t do. But in a “situation” it´s like putting a blanket over my head, all logic goes out of the window. Things get done, but I forget about myself and end up with a 1000 times stronger feelings, constantly feeling drained.

I have been trough a lot and I am old enough to know better, I guess I am still learning.

  • EAT ! How can you help when you have no energy?
  • SLEEP ! Lack of sleep makes you irrational.
  • TALK ! If you don´t , you will explode / have an outburst.
  • RELAX ! Stressing really does NOT help.
  • BREATH ! Make sure you breath proper.
  • KEEP YOUR MIND BUSY ! Sitting there worrying can make things worse and you might become paranoid and irrational.
  • EXERCISE ! Will help your body and mind relax.
  • BE CAREFUL WITH COFFEE ! A lot of coffee and no food, can make you body go into a shock. And caffeine shock is more draining.
  • STAY AWAY FROM ALCOHOL ! You are a wreck and alcohol just makes your feelings 10 times stronger.
  • BE POSITIVE ! Negative thinking makes everything above impossible. The Law Of Attraction !!! Stay calm, stay positive !


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