Stop The Judging

Last night I before I went to bed, I came a cross a post that Wentworth Miller has written on Facebook. You know the hot guy from the Prison Break Series.

Read it HER !

Shortly told… someone has made a meme of an old picture and a picture from Prison Break. The old picture shows him weighing a bit more than now. He writes that during that time he was suicidal, and found his comfort in food.

First of all, he is a really good writer.

Second of all, how horrible can people be?

Third of all, he survived and he is strong enough to talk about it.

You know, not everybody screams in the top of the roof about everything that’s going on in their life. And even if people only posts about their fantastic, awesome , unbelievable life on social media, doesn´t mean that that’s the reality.

And as it goes for the cowards that hides behind the computer, making other people feel shit? Well, there is a reason they are called trolls.

Just recently a Norwegian high-profile blogger, told the world that she is expecting her third baby. She is only 19 and the kids have three different dads. But I´ll tell you what. She makes a lot of money on her blog. She is successful. She has found happiness again, with a man who has been her friend for years. Her kids are healthy and happy.

You think she expected any of this? Probably not at all. But that is life.

She is being bombarded with hate, by people telling her she is a bad mum. Just because she is young doesn´t mean she is a bad mum. And just recently she has also been receiving letters in her mailbox. I mean , COME ON! How sad are these people?

Some might say that it’s the price of fame. I just think that in 2016 people should get a grip and a life. If you don´t like it. Don´t read her blog then.

Another high-profile has gotten a lot of hate for the way she looks. And this one is also very successful. AND clever. Don´t judge a book by it´s cover.

It is so easy  to judge other people. It is so easy to talk behind their backs , or to hide behind the computer.

But unless you are walking in their shoes, SHUT UP!

One does not have to like everyone or everything.

But where does this need to attack people come from? How would you like if people made fun of your looks or life? How would you like to receive hateful messages?

We all have struggles in our lives.



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