When Everything Goes Wrong, Go Left

Everything is going tits up! Actually things probably could not get any worse.

But hey! Gotta keep on fighting. Right?


Look on the bright side. Things will get better. Struggle makes you stronger. After the storm comes the sun. AND it is FRIDAY !!!

You know what? The only thing that helps me during a rough time, is music.

Angry music. Sad music. Happy music.

Nothing else heals pain better. Or makes a happy situation better.

I have been lucky to work in the music industry. I have been lucky to  visit so many festivals that I have lost count. Not to mention concerts. Listing all of them would be really difficult. I have been cramped in a car on tour. I have met exited fans, of they bands I have worked with …not me 😉 . I have been standing there proud as a mum, seeing “my” band give it all.

And even tough it was a lot of work. Minimal pay. Long journey´s

I really miss it. I loved it so much.

Probably more now, than ever. I think I have been living in a bubble for the last years. I wanted something , that didn´t want me.

I tried. I really did.

But when you want something/ someone more, than it/they want you It is time to let go.

It is time to wake up and smell the coffee. Get back what I really want. Find myself. My good old happy self.

Who needs money anyways? But we all need happiness and feeling appreciated. AND music, we aaaall need music !!!

Happy Weekend !!


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