Forever Face Mask

For those of you that have visited this page before, know that I among a lot of things are a Forever Living distributor.

I started off trying the products like Aloe Drinking Gel and found them really helpful and beneficial for my health. Then I did the C9 detox (you can find my journey on the blog) and I got so much energy. It really made me feel alive 🙂

Forever Living has so much more. Beauty products and now even make-up. From inside to outside 😉

I have had some problems lately. The skin in my face has been extremely dry. This always happens when it gets cold and when we have calima. Calima is when it comes sand from the Sahara and makes the air dry. Oh, the joy.

So I decided to try the Forever Aloe Mask Powder. Some call it The Botox In The Bottle. It firms, moisturize and gives you skin the glow. We are all after the special glow.


Take 1 tea-spoon of the Mask powder and 2 tea spoons of the Aloe Activator , blend them well together in a tiny bowl.

Some recommend that you use a facial painting brush, I just smacked it on with my fingers. The whole face and neck.

Allow the mask to sit on for about 30 min.


After 4 min – my whole face started to get really stiff.

8 min – could hardly move my face and neck

10 min – I felt a “dragging” in my whole face.

 12 min – Now I got a bit scared, my face felt like it was pulsating.

15 min – I looked in the mirror…..shouldn´t have done that!!! Horrified !!!! I looked like some sort of monster, no kidding :

20 min – Couldn´t move my face at all. No talking either. Still this dragging, somewhat burning feeling.

With all this dragging and puling feeling in my face, I get why some call it Botox on a bottle.

30 min – WASH OFF !!! Wohooo 😀

After I got it all off, my face was a little bit red for around 20 minutes. But immediately my face was a lot smoother. Even where my face was severe dry.

The skin felt firmer aswell, which I really didn´t expect.

They recommend using it twice a week, for the optimal result.

I am off to smack it on again. Bye bye wrinkles and HELLO smooth, soft, glowing face!!!!


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