Luck Finally Strikes

I have had a crazy few days again. Seems to be a never-ending story this.

I wrote last week how I lost my purse. Oh, yeas! With everything. Money, bank card, make-up, my phone, my mum´s phone. Yeas, I also had her phone in the bag. :/ And most importantly 2 pictures of my grandma, that I had received that day.

The anxiety was sky-high! To say at least.

I tought everything was long gone. When I was on the computer checking one of my 3 e-mail account. You know how it is. One personal. One business. One spam/adverts.

There in the subject line it said – I found your bag.

Can you imagine my heart rate? I started to shake and sweat immediately.

In the e-mail there was a man, who claimed to have found my purse and he wrote that I could phone him or e-mail him to get it back.

I called straight away. No, answer. I wrote an e-mail back. Waited whilst shaking, crying and sweating for around 10 minutes. No answer. Nothing.

Then it came to mind. FACEBOOK ! Everybody is on Facebook.

Searched for him. Found him. Wrote to him.

Then waited. Forever. And ever.

Not really. I looked back  at the time, it took 15 minutes. PING !!! The man answered. He had the bag and we arranged a place to meet.

I was extremely stressed ( who would have tought) but happy and nervous. I had to take a bus ride that takes an hour and what if there was nothing of value in the bag. So I asked him rather discreetly on the messenger, what was in the bag. And he wrote back – 2 phones , money, make-up etc.

I jumped on the bus, nervous but exited. I decided to not allow myself to be too happy. Just in case something would happen or that he would´n turn up.

That was one of the longest ride I have ever had.

But guess what? The man came. An older man, with his daughter and granddaughter. They came walking towards me with big smiles. Everything was in the bag. I gave him a big hug.

I wanted to give him/them a finder’s fee. They refused. The man just said : If this happened to me I would like someone to do the same. It is enough that I am happy in my heart, that I could help.

I started to cry when he said that. Not a lot of people have this attitude these days.

We run around, too busy with our own lives. We don´t aknowledge the people around us.

I might sound silly, but he gave me a bit of faith in humanity.

After I gave him another hug and said goodbye, I went smiling off to the bus station , sat down and was thinking of how amazing this man and his family was. And how incredible lucky I was.

And then I realised I was sitting next to this.


A massive baby with a clove !!!! What´s the chances?

Do good and good will happen.

I firmly belive in karma.

I firmly belive in my guardian angel. My grandma !


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  1. Grace says: Reply

    This was such a lovely story! You are so lucky that someone so nice found your bag! The amount of times I’ve love purses, phones ect never to be found again is ridiculous!

    Grace xx

    1. theshillyshally says: Reply

      I was so lucky with the person who found it. Lovely man, with a huge heart! We need more people like him 🙂

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