The Perfect Life

This morning I had an e-mail from a girl/woman , thanking me for writing about my shit week.

Just wanted to thank you for writing about the bad days in life aswell as positive. Many bloggers only write about the positive aspects of their life and although I enjoy reading blogs, sometimes it makes my life feel completely shit. Thank you for not sugar-coating , thank you for sharing. But also thank you for staying positive 🙂

Thank you dear reader. For taking time to write to me and for making me realize that some people actually read what I write.

I do forget that.

Life isnt´t always easy. I think most people have their struggle in life. .

Even if they have all the money in the world, good looks, an amazing job,  talent or whatever.

Life can be beautiful. But life can also be pretty harsh and unfair.

Some people roll trough life with not a worry in sight. Whilst others have to struggle with even the most simple thing.

That´s life I guess.


But does that mean you are going to give up? Does that mean that life isn´t worth living?

I am a sort of person that stresses a lot. A LOT. I can lose sleep over the smallest most unimportant thing. I can feel a huge anxiety over things in the past or over my future. I worry about my family and if they feel shit, I feel shit. I can stop eating for days, just because I feel so stressed. And when people ask me why I am stressed. Sometimes I don´t even have a answer.

And somtimes….I even stress about feeling stressed.

I forget the present.

I forget to live for the day.

I worry about things that has happened.

I worry about tomorrow.

I know it doesn´t make sense. And even tough I am not sure how to, I am working on it. I am trying to a become better me. I am trying to relax and enjoy.

I am trying to be there more for the people in my life, at the same time giving myself some me time.

I am a work in progress.


I have to surrender myself with people who understand, helps and support.

I think we all need to.

Eliminate the bad shit in your life.

So, this blog will be about the good days and the bad days. Nice things, nice food, training for head and for the body.  My advice to do and more importantly NOT to do.

I am not perfect ,this blog is not perfect.

But you know what? Neither is life.

Make the best of it!


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