Loosing My Mind

Do you ever have a bad day? A bad week ? A bad month? A bad year?

I do ! I definitely do! And this time it is enough with a week.

Thank god it is Friday and that a new week is coming up. I will make that week better. I mean it can’t get any worse.

Or maybe it can !!!! Knock on WOOD !!!

I need to find zee focus ! And my purse….that I lost. And of course it had everything a girl needs in it. BUMMER !!! 🙁

I know it´s not trendy at the moment, but I am considering one of these. Keep it close! And whatever, I live on an Island.

I actually like this one though.


I know it´s just materialistic things. Things isn´t everything. But it is annoying. It is stressful and e x p e n s i v e 🙁

Bad timing!

I guess that´s the way it goes.

You gain some. You lose some.

As for the rest of the weeks eventful happenings., I am over it.


Out with anxiety. In with the determined focus.

Phuuuuu….. I can do this ! Ehhee……

How do you find your mojo back when it feels like  everything goes wrong?


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