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  • Forever Face Mask


    For those of you that have visited this page before, know that I among a lot of things are a Forever Living distributor. I started off trying the products like Aloe Drinking Gel and found them really helpful and beneficial for my health. Then I did the C9 detox (you can find my journey on […]

  • Life
  • Luck Finally Strikes


    I have had a crazy few days again. Seems to be a never-ending story this. I wrote last week how I lost my purse. Oh, yeas! With everything. Money, bank card, make-up, my phone, my mum´s phone. Yeas, I also had her phone in the bag. :/ And most importantly 2 pictures of my grandma, […]

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  • The Perfect Life


    This morning I had an e-mail from a girl/woman , thanking me for writing about my shit week. Just wanted to thank you for writing about the bad days in life aswell as positive. Many bloggers only write about the positive aspects of their life and although I enjoy reading blogs, sometimes it makes my […]

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  • Working From Home


    I have been working from home for a while, but guess what??? Now I have finally gotten my first home office! Well….office and office. My own little workspace. A much needed workspace. I am multitasking my socks off, so this will hopefully create a more structured frame of mind. WIth the blogging, photography and the […]

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  • The Secret


    There is time for some big changes. I mean B I G. I have watched The Secret ….again. They say you have to be ready for what the universe have to offer you, I am ready! Oh,boy am I ready!!! I know I have to get better in a lot of things, like handeling my […]