Work On Yourself

Everybody has something they regret doing or more importantly NOT doing.

I came over an article at the inspiring page , The Open Mind .

Ten choices you WILL regret in 10 years, read the full article here.

1.  Wearing a mask to impress others.
2. Letting someone else create your dreams for you.
3. Keeping negative company.
4. Being selfish and egotistical.
5. Avoiding change and growth
6. Giving up when the going gets tough.
7. Trying to micromanage every little thing
8. Settling for less than you deserve.
9. Endlessly waiting until tomorrow
10. Being lazy and wishy-washy.
I have come to the conclusion that I have a lot to work on.  I live, but I am not living. I am on my way, but still have so much to learn.
I need to stop worrying about what people think. Follow my head and heart. Make my own road.
Why waste your time and energy , doubting yourself when there are so many people doing that job for you 😉

Listen to the people who really believes and support you and forget about the rest.

We all have different thing we struggle with in life. We all just need to find a way to deal with it.
If you don´t want to listen to me, listen to Oprah ! She knows her stuff !!!

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