I thought that starting a blogg would sort my thoughts out. Help me see things in a new , constructive way.

From my past to my future.

You see, there is a lot of things going on in that little head of mine.

In all aspects really.


There is definitively not a lot of people who get me. Understands me. Or even know me.

Maybe this is how our society has become. I meet people online, from countries I have never been to, that has been or are in the same frame of thinking. That  have the drive and downfalls as I have , that I feel like I connect to on a different level, than to the ones I meet in my day to day life.

Is this connection a result of our busy day life? That we are too busy to see what is in front of us? To busy to listen to  the people we meet face to face?

Are we searching, overthinking , over analyzing in a more complex way and if so, why are we not happier? More content with our lives?


Have internet made us compare ourselves more to others? Distance us from the reality? Crave other peoples “perfect” lives and looks?

There are endless articles about how social media creates jealousy in relationships, body insecurity and in general makes people unhappy with their own lives.

The reality is that there are a lot of people that  for some reason only post happy things and creates a “fake” frame around their lives, when the reality is completely different.

Are they doing it to make themselves feel better? Or to look better to other people?

And why are we so worried about what other people think?

Life isn´t always easy! Life can be pretty shit!

But at the same time life can also be pretty amazing and bring unexpected freshness!

Honesty can help someone else who might be in the same or similar situation.

This blogg is probably going to continue being as random as my head, but it is honest.


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