Me So Clever

The last couple of days have been pretty stressful.

Yeas, I am still trying to break-up with the stress.

Computer down. Got fixed.

Then of course , I had completely forgotten most of my passwords. Why? Because stupid me had not written them down anywhere and everything was on the computer.

Me so clever….

These days there are so many passwords, pin codes , safety questions. Big letter, small letter, must contain numbers etc. It´s doing my head in.

Just a couple of weeks ago I had to go to the bank and get a new pin code for my card. I seem to have mixed it up with the code for my phone… bank card blocked!

My bank is sort of used to it now, let´s just say it´s not the first time. How are we supposed to remember all of them? I for one have now  written them down . Yeas,  I know you really aren´t suppose to…but hey !

I am only human.


 On the brighter side of technology. Look AT THESE !!! 


               These Unicorn Light Up Slippers you can get HER !!!


And these NoBrand Superlova Leather Sneakers White you can get HERE !!

I should probably be way past the love of gloving trainers and unicorns.

But I just can´t help it !

I need it in my life 😉


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