This Week Top 10 – Exercise Songs

I had a massive realization today !!!
You know how all towns/ villages have some crazy people?  You know the kind. You see them wandering around in their own little world, doing crazy stuff that no one really does. Everybody looks at them and thinks ” WoW, what is going on? “

I have turned into one !

Not because of my tattoos, which I have a lot of. Not because of what I am wearing, which is a bit too rock n´ roll for this tiny village. I don´t have a thousand cats either.

My “problem” is music. My problem has ALWAYS been music. I am addicted.

I can´t walk, exercise, cook, write, shop, paint, shower …..basically I can´t do anything without it. When I was younger, before the technology got so clever and small 😉 I used to bring my big cd-player in the bathroom, everytime I had a shower and before that I was already addicted to my walkman and brought it with me wherever I went.


That is fine and good. Music is life.

My problem is my whistling, singing, humming, air guitar and dance moves….yeah seriously ….I just can not help it. The worst thing is , I don´t even realize it. It´s just something I do….and it has been going on since I first took my walkman for a walk with  Deep Purple´s song Strange Kind Of Woman, the song has an amazing guitar riff ….hard not to “play” along….

I have tried to do stuff without music, but that is even crazier.  I just start talking to myself. Now that´s definitely worse….

I think…..

So here are the top 10 songs that at the moment are doing my head in 😉 Not the type of music I normally listen to, but I do love exercising  to them. They also works a treat to run errands and the dreaded house cleaning.

You know it´s ALL about the beat <3

I am starting with the song, that I will have in my future wedding. Imagine walking up the isle with this one !!! Amazing 😉

Have a wonderful Saturday!


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