Dear Stress, Let´s break Up

It is finally Friday!!:) 🙂 🙂

Oh, well in the world of a frilanser weekday or weekend is the same, same. Something I´m still trying to deal with . It is hard to take a day off. You are constantly working on something or having new ideas, you have the head spin, can´t sleep a little bit longer in the morning and so on.

This morning I got up as per usual 2 hours before my alarm…yeah not 10 minuttes or so, but 2 hours.

You know the feeling? You wake up. Have a look at the time. Lay in bed for 5 minuttes and realize that you might as well just get up, cause this ain´t happening.

I decided to start using this time a bit constructive. I guess I sort of “win” two hours extra in the day….in a way …. 😉

 So I have been watching a lot of  TED TALKS and TED-ED Lessions series.  

Watch this one :

That definitely hit a nail on the head for me.

Although I exercise everyday, eat healthy, try to plan the day, I am still stressing. Even when I really don´t have to. Constantly thinking ahead. ” I have to do this, I should have done that. “

We live in a society, where it seem to be all about stress.

We stress about our appearance , work, the kids, the cleaning, what to have for dinner, what our neighbours think, we are stressing about stressing.

We are stressing ourself ill.

We should start living more, think more about our health.

Stop thinking about what other people say, the talkers will talk anyway.

Spend time on what is important, the cleaning will be there tomorrow.

But you will never get TODAY  back again.

Try this 30 days of Yoga Challenge, to learn about yourself, learn how to chill.

I know I will. I´m going to break-up with the unnecessary stress and seize every opportunity of life.


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