Some days & Chicken Balls

Some days everything seems so much harder and nothing goes as you planned or hoped for.

Not big things, just small stuff.

One of the things today was getting the exercise done. Because there was so many hiccups in the day, everything got delayed. And with a busy schedule, busy head, loads of ideas…the day just went passed, like a cold breeze on a winter day.


Of course I did it! And I must admit it felt pretty amazing ! It might be hard to find time to get exercise done or you might not feel up for it. Some days your like “WoAAhoo” and someday´s you might just want to crawl under a rock and stay there….forever….

Get up! Get it done! It makes everything a little bit better 🙂

My approach to food has definitely changed a bit. Or some might say a lot. In a way I think that I have always enjoyed cooking, I just never had the confidence to “go crazy ” in the kitchen. Well, times are changing. Now I do a lot more experimenting. All in the name of health of course. There is so much sugar and other hidden stuff in the fast food. You are actually way better of cooking from scratch. Saving calories AND money 🙂

This chicken ball spaghetti dish is so clean and easy to make. Even your kids will love it.

Take 500 g chicken mince in a large bowl , mix in 1 egg – a dash of Worcester sauce – a dash of tomato purée – finely chopped spinach  and onion – a little salt and pepper  and mixed it good together. Put it in the fridge for about 10 min.

Then in a casserole put 1 finely cut onion – 2 cut gloves of garlic – a dash of oil and let it simmer. Not to hot.

Chop more spinach – mushrooms – tomato and carrots.


Take the chicken out and make small balls with a spoon. Fry them of in a pan, not to hot. Until they have a bit of colour.  Make sure the are cooked all the way around and that they are not raw 😉


Put a can of pure tomato sauce in with the onion and garlic, then add the vegetables you cut up and a dash of tomato purée, salt and pepper.

Stick the chicken balls in when you are done frying them in the pan


Let the whole pot , boil on a low temperature for one hour


Serve with spaghetti and a salad drizzled with balsamico.

And remember more salad then spaghetti 😉


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