Kickstart Your Day

I was supposed to have a day of rest. A whole day of doing nothing.

I failed.

The problem is my head. It just keeps on spinning. I think about everything. What I should do, what I want to do, what I can do and all the things I can´t and probably never will do. Does that even make sense?

Due to my head head spin, is seem like my body doesn´t fully rest. It just gets more and more tense, until the guilt kicks in. Like it is talking to me. ” Hey! Why are you not doing anything? Get up and do stuff ! ” I just realized that the voice in my head is like taken out from the Godfather movies ….

I was pretty set for resting, but it just wasn´t happening. So I went in the kitchen trying out some recipes that I haven´t done. before. I mean…. I do need to eat, right?

During the detox, I started to really crave pancakes. I rarely do. But when I do, it really kicks in. It´s happy childhood memories on a plate. After stumbling over a million  different healthy recipes , I decided to try banana pancakes.


  • 2-3 Bananas
  • 2 Eggs
  •  1/2 cup Oatmeal
  • 1/2 spoon baking powder


Stick it all in a blender until it is smooth, fry them and serve with blueberry’s or whatever you prefer. You might think it sounds a bit weird, but I actually loved them. On my next “cheat ” day, they will be served with bacon.

Tip : The smaller you make them, the easier they are to flip around and get out of the pan. They are very filling and still taste amazing the next day if you have any left  😉 You can also add protein powder to them. Last , but not least ….they taste amazing with a blended smoothie of your choice of fruits.

What a kickstarter to the day 😀



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