For The Love of Animals

This is our dog Dave/David.


We love him so much and he is soooooo special. We call him a spirit-dog. You see, he knows stuff. He knows it all. He is loving, very emotional, stubborn, clever. Such a character and so cheeky.

We were not supposed to get a dog. Did not have a thought about getting a dog. But I do believe, that everything happens for a reason. This day, I had the day off and was meeting my mum down the village for a coffee. On our way back,, it started to rain ( which it rarely do down here on the sunny Island ) so we ran in to the closest place to seek shelter. A pub. There was other people avoiding the heavy rain and a little puppy on the floor. He was so beautiful, but very scared. Out of nowhere the guy who had him asked me if I wanted him, the dog. I was like …..ehmmm… not really. He then told me that he was on his way to the veterinarian to have the dog put down, because he was leaving the Island the next day.


There was nothing wrong with him. He was only 3 months old. He had all his shots done. He had his booklet.And he was going to have him put down!!!???!!

I could not let that happen. I called my man, we took the dog for a walk and fell in love immediately.

Turned out the little man had changed owners three times! He was scared of men, bottles, sticks , the dark, being alone, wind, drunk people and the list continues.

This year he turns 6 years old and taking him was the best decision made. I would not change that for anything.

He is a part of the family now.

Yesterday we had to take him to the veterinarian because he got a deep cut on his paw while out walking. Broken glass! ARGGG! No stitches because it´s in a weird place. But some spray. They also checked him for congestion and it turned out he had an ear infection, so medication for that as well. Now he is resting a lot and more needy than ever. So he got some new toys, nice food  and more love than ever 😉

Spoke to the veterinarian about the Aloe Gel  (Dave is prone to get arthritis due to his mix )  and he was well impressed with that and told us to get started 😀  Mister Dave is now also a Aloe Dog.


For more information please message me !

Support your local animal shelters !



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