C9 My Summary

I must admit that I was pretty nervous before starting the detox. This was going to be 9 whole days, with strict routines and dealing with cravings. Worst was of course not to drink as much coffee. Unfortunately I had to postpone the detox for a week due to pneumonia. But in a way that was good! The box was in the house, I had time to have a look at the products. Prepare mentally and get used to the idea.


Day 1 to 2

 I woke up the first day  , pretty excited actually . Ready to take on the whole world. oh, well at least the detox.

Throughout these days I had a bit of headache, probably down to the lack of coffee. I felt very hungry and even woke up in the night feeling hungry. That is something I never do. So this was probably just my head playing mind games. Started to exercise on day 1.

Day 3 to 9

 Loads of energy. And I do mean LOADS. Exercised everyday to the point that I realized that I had pushed my body a little bit too hard too quick…..oh well. Live and you´ll learn 😉 . Finally allowed a 600 calorie meal at dinner. But shakes and the free food kept me going and I didn´t feel hungry throughout the day or at night at all.

My tips for the C9 Detox :

  • Drink LOADS of water. I even mixed my shakes with just water.
  • Take pictures of yourself! Before – during – after! You will feel motivated hen you see the changes!
  • Cut down on coffee/tea, stick to 1 cuppa in the morning and then quickly grab a bottle of water. To change your head from wanting more.
  • Free Food which is fruits and vegetables, you are allowed during the whole detox. Try and eat a lot of it!! It will help prevent headache, low blood pressure and hunger. I learnt the hard way 🙁  Cut them up, box it up for easy access during the day.
  • Start with light exercise. Even if you haven´t done some in years or if you don´t have “time”. Everyone has 20 minutes or so ,  during the day. Maybe while watching you favourite television program?
  • Plan you food for the next day.
  • Less carbs more vegetables on you plate. Surprisingly filling.
  • Make your food from scratch. In that way you will get less sugar, salt and fat. Make some extra and freeze it for the days you are to busy to cook.


My tips for the life after the detox :

  • Continue to drink LOADS of water
  • Continue to eat LOADS of fruit.
  • Continue with drinking the Aloe Vera Gel in the morning
  • Start with the ARGI + , to make sure the body gets all the extra vitamins and energy
  • Continue training!!! Your body will thank you in the long run 😉
  • Continue to be aware of what you eat. Do the small changes.
  • Set yourself new goals. Remember you managed to do this. You DO have the strength !!!
  • Enjoy ! Appreciate ! And use you new ENERGY !


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