Day 9 – C9 Detox – Last Day


It has gone quick! It really has gone quick. It almost makes me wish it was a little bit longer….just almost.

My back was still being fuzzy, but I am not giving in 😉 Took the dog on a “power walk”, a bit easier than normally and then the 30 minute yoga I posted yesterday. By doing this every day, it will make a huge difference. It really does stretch all the right places and anyone can to this !!! 🙂

I had to go shopping to get some more food in the house , because today there was no shakes on the “menu” . But a 300 calorie meal for lunch and the normal 600 calorie meal for dinner. I can´t remember last time I spent such a long time doing the food shopping. Oh my,  is there a lot of choices we have. Clever placements and clever packages.

But I am not going to be fooled  no more !!!!


Needless to say, even if the products look healthy. Have a look at calories and sugar. Sometimes you will be surprised ! And do remember that if you make your food from scratch, you can make them so much more healthier than all this “fast food”. They add a lot of sugar and other stuff that no one really know even what is.

Make it – bag it – freeze it !

I feel like I have joined a cult or something, I really don´t want to come across like that. But I see and feel the changes. And even my fiancée tells me that have this new glow and that he can already see the changes. Although he isn´t overly exited when I tell him to eat all his veggies. Hahahaaha !!!

I am so happy that I joined the Forever Living ! It has given me a new outlook on life and I must admit when I got a pay check the other day……well…yeah … totally made me realize that this is the business for me. New me , new life!

Oh and …my blog was shared on the online newspaper New Medicine Foundation Daily News !!!

Who would have thought? Me ? Doing health?

I am over the MOON !!!



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