Day 8 – C9 Detox – How To Keep It Up?

Yesterday on Day-7 I wrote that I was feeling extremely tired.

And today that all changed. I woke up feeling fresh, with loads of energy again. So when it was time to do my training. I really pushed it. Like REALLY! I have been training everyday, except from yesterday…..and I forget/forgot  that I haven´t done this for such a long time. The energy I have just takes over.  Soooo after my session, 20 min on the exercise bike, 20 mind cardio, 15 min weights, 10 min stretching….I got a proper severe sciatica attack and was glued to the couch for the rest of the evening.

I felt so stupid and disappointed in myself.

I want results and I want it now. ( I lost my patience years ago.) I thought I was doing all the right exercise for my back and maybe I am. But I have probably just pushed it to hard and to quick.

While being stuck on the couch in pain, I found this video. And will definitely be doing it tomorrow. After all this is one of the reasons I need to get my health in to shape and strengthen my body

Don´t give up! Keep on pushing! But know your body´s limit 😉

Tomorrow is the last day of the detox!!! That makes me so nervous….

I am scared of loosing this wonderful feeling. Does that even make sense ?

I have realized tough that we actually don´t need to change too much of our habits. We eat pretty healthy. Just change some of the ingredients for better options.

But what I really need to do is keep on eating loads of fruit and drink LOADS of water.

Keep up the exercise!!!

Stick to 1 cup of coffee , rather then the 3 -6 I used to have. Avoid unnecessary sugar. Not to hard really!

 I have ordered ARGI + and more Aloe Vera drinking Gel. To make sure my body gets what it needs.


Detox might soon be over for this time, but my mind has changed forever!

And guess what ?



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