Day 7 – C9 Detox – The Small Changes

Today was a rather weird day. Not sure if it was my body or head, but from midday I was just really tired. The day before I worked a very late night, but also I have pushed my body a lot harder than usual during this last week. My body must be in in somewhat shock after this,  all of the sudden exercise every day :/ Or was this just the effects of the full moon :O

And that is okey!

You should rest in between. I am trying to make things better here, not worse 😉 I did find some yoga videos on youtube I am going to try out. Need some clever exercise for my sever back pain.

Remember to find exercise which is working for you body , whatever your problem is.

Only because it was Saturday my head wanted to enjoy itself. You see, my body doesn’t really need it. So I did the researches and found small things to change around being able to have Fajitas. Oh, I do love Fajitas!!!

Completely forgot to take a picture of that, of course. But 1 tortilla with chicken , tomato, cucumber, salad, onion, paprika, a tiny dash with salsa and guacamole – was about 435 calories. That is less calories then what you are allowed on the meal in the detox!!!

The trick is more salad stuff and make your own guacamole. I squashed the avocado and added QUARK  instead of sour cream.

021315_1 They say it is sort of a creamy cheese !? But it is more like a yoghurt. It is LOW  on fat,calories, salt. And HIGH on proteins, calcium and a vitamin called K2, which I have never heard of. But I do love this new discovery.

And this is what it is all about. The small changes.

Yesterday I also bought Almond Milk  instead of normal milk and Fruit Sugar instead of normal sugar….although I am avoiding sugar at the moment.

Tip of the day : When you do your shopping, look at the nutrition information and consider a better option.

You know that they say :



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