Day 6 – C9 Detox – Don´t Have Time To Exercise?

Today I had to change the detox a little bit around. Not a massive change. But as I was doing a night-shift I had to do the meal a bit earlier and then bring the shake to work. I also brought one of those amazing zipper bags with fruit that I had cut up, for easy access 🙂

I had a rather busy day, but I was aware of the fact that this was going to be a busy day. So I had to be “clever” and plan it.

Which I of course did.

My biggest mission was how to get time to do my exercise. I had to run a lot of errands and decided to do the easiest time saving way. I put my training gear on and did it all with power walking my  way trough the village. Oh god! People must have thought I was cray cray. Loud music banging from my headphones. Quick, firm walking. With the odd dance move and sing along…..I can´t help myself…

And it doesn´t help that one of my new guilty pleasures when I exercise is ……justin….bloody……bieber……….. I do love it…..


The thing is , you can put exercise in almost everything you do.

Cleaning the house. Shopping. If you have kids, power walk with them in their stroller. Or do like the actor Chris Hemsworth´s wife, who exercise with her baby and the stroller.  

I have for a long time used a million excuses. Or probably a BILLION!

The reality is that, there is no excuse. There is always a way to sneak a little exercise in. And only after I couple of days I can confirm it really makes a different to the way I feel.

Even the dog is happy, although a little bit confused and very tired  😉

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