Day 5 – C9 Detox – What To Eat ?

 I can now see the changes on my body and  I can feel the changes inside.

I pushed myself a little bit more when I exercised. Managed 10 more minutes on the bike, more core training. And after that I still had loads of energy to deal with life. You know, all the things that you have to do.

It feels good!

I remembered the free food today ( the fruit and vegetables you can eat throughout the detox ) so today I had no dizziness, no headache. No problem at all. My skin seem to be calming down, does that mean all the shit has left my body ? 😀

I haven´t really been craving anything. Oh, I always fancy a bit of chocolate…. but it hasn´t been unbearable. I haven´t gone in to a psychotic/ angry moment for the lack of chocolate….yet 😉 But I have started to look into , how to make healthy snack. I do need my “sweets” and I found this blogg called Chocolate Covered Katie.    

She makes healthy desserts. HEALTHY DESSERTS ? Yeas, it is true. I love baking. And the good thing about this blogg is that she is not using all does fancy, weird products that is really hard to find. She is making it possible 🙂


All within reason. And that goes for everything in life. All you need is balance. I am not going to go all health crazy. But I am going to make healthier choices. Not for that “bikini body”. But for me. My energy. My health. My mind.

The other blogg I found , was this one called Love And Lemons


She does use some products and even vegetables that I have never heard of. But it is great for inspiration and you can always do  your own twist on them. I definitely need some inspiration.

It is all about the small changes.

I am still gonna enjoy a Sunday roast , chocolate, taco , curry etc. And now maybe even more. You now why? Because I am going to stick with my training. Cut down on unnecessary sugar. And perhaps drink a little bit less coffee.

But hey. We only have one life.

Enjoy it !


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