Day 4 – C9 Detox

Energy. ENERGY!

Holy shit! There is a huge change in my energy level.

Everyday I have a lot of things to do. Running here and running there. Not always with ease and some of the days I feel like I am dragging myself around to get “stuff” done. But in the last days things have definitely changed.

In a way, with more energy comes more hope , guts and drive. Which is something I have been yarning for a long time.

No more bullshit! No more postponing! Should have , could have ? Nah! I am doing it ! Bring it on.

I managed about 20 minutes fast past on the bike. ( the day before I was struggling with getting to 15 .. )  Then 30 min workout with Davina – Kick-boxing style. Loved it ! Dog walk 2 times 40 min. Running and I mean running  around to stuff 2 hours. 2 hours housework, cooking etc. Working on the Forever Living  Bizz 2 hours and 1 hour business training. Although one can never really stop thinking about the business and how to make it better 😉

CZKqF6kWwAAxjxm.jpg large

And for the meal I made a burger with loads of vegetables and cottage cheese. Pretty tasty !!!!…….. Actually 😉


I had a lot of head rush, dizziness and in the evening I got a severe migraine. But after consulting other FL owners, it turned out that was down to low blood sugar and the fact that I had not been eating any free food. Free food is some types of fruits and vegetables, that you can eat throughout the whole detox. Silly me! I wasn´t feeling hungry after all the shakes and the evening meal. So it didn´t even cross my mind. Now I know. Day 5 shall be filled with fruit 😉


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