Day 3 – C9 Detox

Today the detox changed a bit. Which was great 🙂

It meant that I could have a shake also in the morning and the best part….food in the evening. Not just fruit as snack , but a whole meal. I decided on a proper chicken salad, full of different delicious stuff  however I was full up after eating just half of it.


My skin has turned a little bit messed up, but I guess that is due to all the shit trying to escape my body. I have a little bit of a sting in  my stomach,  that is probably all my organs healing. And I have to go to the toilette almost all the time, due to all the water I am drinking.

But I still think that it is  extremely weird that only after 3 days, I feel like I have so much more energy….after ONLY 3 days !?!

I must say, this is well worth it!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

And because of all the energy, the exercise is also something that I´m not dreading anymore . I mean , I have always been exercising and playing sports. But a couple of years ago, work and life changed and probably health. And I didn´t have time or energy to get really into it. So not only for my body , but also my head it feels really good to get back into it.

And hopefully that means my back pain will ease off. It can only get better I guess 😉

What is your best exercise tip? Or low calorie meal?


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