A New Year – Welcome 2016

Wow, 2015 was tough …so many lows and hardly any highs.

Progress? Not many! But this year, this year is going to be different. All the things a wanted to achieve in 2015, I will definitely make happen this year. I don´t have any more time to “loose “. I will work hard! I will dream big ! And I WILL achieve !!

I promise myself that.

Goals :

  • Believe in myself
  • Love and trust
  • Take more photos
  • Write more
  • Get healthy
  • Go to New York
  • Be creative
  • Focus on the business
  • Learn something new
  • Don´t let people bring me down

And the list can probably go on and on and on……..

I will and I can do this !!

But it has to start tomorrow. Today I am in bed with the flu. But tomorrow, NO MORE EXCUSES 😉



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  1. excelente artigo.

  2. This really answered my drawback, thanks!

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