What Is Your Best Advice?

I have been lacking inspiration for awhile now.

You know the days when you wake up, look at the watch and count the hours for when you can go back to bed again?

I am not really sure where this blogg is going. Is it even possible to be doing a blogg full time? I know there are people actually having their blogg as a job. And that is great. And that was what I was sort of hoping to do.

But life get´s in the way. That job you have to take because of those bills comes in the way . Those people who need your help asap, but don´t want to pay for your job/service comes in the way. The dinner, the dog, the arguments comes in the way.


The hours , the days and the weeks goes by quicker then anyone can imagine. And still….I am nowhere close to  where I want to be in life. Or even where I thought I would be. And I am not receiving the respect I think I deserve. It is somewhat the opposite really. You try and do a honest job and people just take the piss. Either with your time or payment.

I know people that still live in my home-town. They never really travelled. They got themselves  a job, got married, had kids and seem really really happy.  I wish I was that grounded and not so restless. I have always been way to restless. Now? Probably too old to be restless, but still that is very much me….

Sometimes I would do anything to go back in time, but then I remember :


I need inspiration ! I need to find my inner kick-ass girl again! I need to focus! FOCUS !

I need YOUR help!

How can I make this blogg better? How can I start making money on it?

Thank you <3



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