The World Need More Humanity

Lately all newspapers , news reports , posts on social media..everywhere you look really, is filled with reports about immigrants. Immigrants on the run, immigrants dying.

The whole world is watching. The whole world is talking about it. But not much is done.

Pictures emerge. Horrible pictures. Old people. Young people. Kids.

We all see them. We feel a moment of sadness.

“Thank god that´s not us”

And then our life continues. What´s for dinner? What are we going to watch on television?

I feel sick! I wish I could do something. Anything.

I live in another country from the one I was born in. But by choice. My home country hasn´t been bombed. Or suffering with poverty. There is no war. We have clean water. We have a roof over our heads. But I moved. By choice. But then again, I am allowed. I have the “right” passport.


This immigrants are people! They are humans! They have heart and a soul. They are not running away by choice. They are running away because they are desperate. Desperate to get away from war, poverty and in general a living hell.

Just because the mainstream media is writing about it now, doesn´t mean that this is a new “thing”. This has been going on for years and years and years. Way before second world war !


Do your research ! Learn you history ! STOP being ignorant !!! 

So what are WE all going to do about this? Just sit and watch?

HUMANITY AND EMPATHY is what this world is lacking! This is not just immigrants. They are people !!!


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