You Can Do It – Sunday Roast Lamb

Today I did something I have never done before. Well, I have helped and watched. But never done it completely alone.

And today, today I broke all the barriers for myself. I made a SUNDAY ROAST DINNER!!! All by MYSELF!

Probably not a big thing for a lot of people. But for me? For me it was a huge step. I guess a step in the right direction. Jump in it. Try new stuff.


The reality is that I actually love cooking. But I do get petrified trying out new dinners. And specially huge pieces of meat.

Even tough here on the Island were I live , it is extremely hot right now. I made lamb. Why not? We need some proper food in this heat, especially my man who is a musician and need his energy on stage.

So a proper dinner was in order!

Never made it before? Here is what I did. ( Vegetarians look away )

  • So of course get yourself a nice piece of lamb , take off that fat layer. Lamb is fatty enough.lamb
  • Make little *pockets* with a knife and put garlic in them, 5-6 spread all over.
  • Put it in a oven pan , use a bit of oil of your choice and rub some of it on the lamb as well. Then drizzle some Rosemary , salt and pepper on top, and put it in the oven. Start on low temperature and increase as time goes on, turn the lamb every now and then. ( time depends on the size, but 2-3 hours ish )
  • Then there is the boring part…..peel, peel and cut, cut. Potatoes, carrots , leach, sweet potato, baby cabbage. Your choice really.IMG_8786


  • I made a mash with the sweet potato and some carrots. Just add butter, milk and a little bit of salt.
  • Cooked all the vegetables.
  • For the potato : Peel and cut them. Boil for 4 minutes. Then put them in a oven tray that has been oiled , drizzle some flour and salt over, Turn the potatoes around. Drizzle some more, turn again. Then I mixed some Oxo in water and poured over. Put them in the oven , turn them around now and then. ( 1 hour and put the grill on for the last minutes to give them some extra colour.
  • Make sure you time it all a bit. But you know what? Don’t stress it. Things can ALWAYS be heated up 🙂

The main most important part of the meal is the sauce. I use only the water from the boiled vegetables , the stock from the lamb, Oxo  and a bit of Bisto . HEAVEN !!!!

VOILA !!!!!!



Uhhhh……and then I made a Apple Crumble for dessert ….



My man  was happy ..I think. He is now off working . Hopefully on stage packed with good energy. At least he isn’t hungry  🙂

Tomorrow it is the big MONDAY GLORY. New week! New hope! We have to have hope!




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