Do Not Let Hate Win

Today I saw an article from Upworthy.Com , it made me cry.

Watch the video here.

It´s about a man who ask some people to translate  message he has received. A message FULL of hate. The people in the video react with sadness and wants to protect him.

Lately there has been so many articles and documentary’s about people being subjected to hat and bullying. I guess that is good, so that one can highlight what many people are going trough. But in another way , it´s just sad. Sad because this people aren´t going trough this because they are being horrible and treating other people like shit. No, they are just different.

Different colour. Different size. Different sexuality. Different religion. Different gender. Different clothes Different personality.

But hey !!! Different from what ? What is “normal ” ? Who are anyone to say what is right and what is wrong?


I just really can not understand why some people feel so superior to other people. What makes them so much better? Why do they feel the need to torment other people?

A read an article about a young boy aged 13. After being bullied for a long time he choose to take his own life. His parents had tried to reasoned with the school, but the school did nothing. That young boy didn´t see an end to it. He thought that there was no other way. He thought that no one liked him or ever would.

They bullied him for no apparent reason.

What sort of society to we live in? How can we just continue as normal. Kids can be horrible, but who is responsible to teach them better? It is true what they say. Baby´s are not born with hate !


Be yourself ! Be different ! If you can´t be accepted for who you are , where you live…then move!

Do NOT let the haters win! I promise you , they are not worth it ! Things WILL get better ! You WILL meet people that love you for who you are ! You WILL get trough it ! Life can be AMAZING !

And if you see someone being harassed or bullied….please ….step up! Don´t just stand there watching! Where is the humanity and empty ?

How incredible boring the world would be if we are all the same !

And if you are a bully / hater / coward :


Don´t let hate win!




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