Come On, It Will All Be Alright

WoW. It has actually been so many days sine I posted on here , that I had almost forgotten my password :O

I just haven´t felt like it. Not sure if I am ” doing it right ” . What is the purpose? I mean,  I sort of ish know what I want it to be like, but then I get unsure. Then I am not sure if you guys like it or hate it. Then I am reading other bloggs , so I get even more unsure and probably insecure. I guess that is it ! Insecure!

The never ending story, about never feeling you are good enough.

I am going to change this ! I am going to believe  in myself. I am going to go out there and get what I want ! And I am going to go out there and help people !

On top of it all??? Maybe the pink hair and the BIG plastic flamingoes I have wanted for awhile !!!

Because I DO know that if I am happy, the people I love around me are happy. And with that strength I might be able to help others that might need my help. And that will just bring even more happiness.

I know, cheesy ! Cheesy as this picture I took last weekend of the blue moon.


But you know it´s true !!

Tomorrow I will make a list !! A list with things I want to achieve! Number one is a job, any job really.

( Yeas ,I saw that on THE SECRET and it seems to be working )

Keep it to yourself or post it here , so we can share it and in that way make it more ” real “.

And then start helping people. Big or small. Have a look at THIS article from The Independent about how a stranger helped a woman. Gives me faith in humanity !

Pay it forward !

We are all just humans. No matter what !




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