You Can Do It – Burgers

Yesterday I wrote about self-esteem and how some people loves to make other people feel shit.

Today I experienced the weirdest form for low self-esteem. Caused only by myself. Really pathetic , if I shall say so myself.

My man wanted beef burger for dinner, I have never made this before. I love to cook and I love watching Masterchef and other food programs.  But I only like to cook the stuff I know how to cook.

And that was it really. My nerves got edgy. I got stressed. Looked on the internet, and let me tell you…there is millions of recipes ….MILLIONS !!! In fact probably BILLIONS !!!

After a little bit of research and a fair idea of what I was getting I wandered down to the butcher. But to my big surprise she asked me how I wanted the mince !?! Oh, well….the internet did not tell me that, I was just getting beef mince. I didn´t even know I had to know more… I must have looked very confused and freaked out, because she asked me what I was cooking and just got on with it. Gave me some advise along with a ” You Can Do This ” smile. That was so sweet and comforting. She didn´t have to do that, but she made my day. It doesn´t take much does it ?

And this little episode made me think, probably because I am so aware of it lately.

There are so many things, small or big, throughout the day that make people feel nervous or stressed. If it is something new that you haven´t done before or your appearance.

I should as probably many others just start to really not care. I mean not to not take care of your appearance or on how you act. But about what other people think and seize new challenges with the cliché saying ” YEAS, I CAN ! “

We all can , if we want to ! We all should just stop being so bloody scared !!!

And guess what ? The burgers actually turned out lovely !!! And far more easy than I thought !

All that stress for nothing, now I shall challenge myself with some more difficult assignments.

Life is too short !!!!

Her is how I made them juicy burger :

burgSo I took the beef mince , added 1 onion – salt – pepper – Worcestershire sauce – tomato pure – 1 egg

Mixed it all good together with my hands, placed in the fridge for 1 hour , roll them into equal balls.

Stick some oil in the pan, and squeeze them “flat “. Make sure you do not overcook them .


Then serve them with whatever you prefer.


A little bit embarrassing being so stresses over something so easy actually. Only because I have never done it before and was  serving it to picky eaters. 😉




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