O ´self-esteem O´self-esteem were are thou?

You know those days when everything just feels extra shit ?

You look in the mirror ..and you don´t like what you see.

You do something , anything and just don´t feel like it is good enough.

Lately I have had a lot of this days. Days where everything and nothing is wrong. You have loads to do, but get nothing done. You feel useless and worthless.

And then it happens. Someone just pokes you. They say something they know and hope you will react to. They look at you, measuring you, judging you. And they know that  you know. They can see, that you can see. Then they will give you a fake smile, while they shrug their shoulders.

In a sick way, this gives them a pleasure. They get a pleasure when they see you react to their words or to their look, when they see you shrink and look away. They like that they can feel superior. Better then you. More worth then you.

They win ! You loose !


Really ?? You are really going to let them win ? You are really going to let them push you down, to feel so shit , so you end up  arguing  with people you love,  don´t go after your goals and so that you don´t enjoy your life. Really ?


Don´t let this petty, lowlife people think that they are better than you. Because they are not ! Maybe they want what you have or maybe they just want to show you they can get it or get something better.


Choose happiness, ignore idiots. They do not deserve your time , thoughts or worries !

Don´t surround yourself with this sort of people.


Surround yourself with people who will support you, love you and bring happiness into your life.

Life is too short to accept B******T !!!




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