Roofied Drink

Watch this !!!

This is how easy it is for anyone to put drugs in your drink.

This idiots have no idea of the danger they are putting their victims in.

I have experienced this myself and  let me tell you, it was one of the scariest , horrible things I have ever been trough.

Because I had no control and anything could have happened .

But I was lucky! Really lucky !

I had just turned 18,  me and one of my best friends decided to go on a holiday to Rome, Italy. We were so exited!! I wanted to become an architect in that time and with all the interesting buildings and art that this beautiful town have to offer, it was all perfect. We lived next to Pantheon and eat lunch everyday at Fontana De Trevi , we walked around just watching and feeling. It is such a beautiful place!

We where young and enjoying ourselves !

One night we did what we often did, we went down to a local bar around the corner from our hotel, to meet some people that we had meet several times before. My friend went to talk to someone sitting outside. And I sat down at the bar with some guys we knew. Well…tought we knew. I ordered a beer, had a sipp and needed to go to the bathroom. The guys was watching my beer and my jacket. No problem. Came back to the bar, sat down chatting away. Didn´t notice anything different , had two or three sips of the beer and like a hit in the face,  I all of the sudden felt really ill. I got dizzy. I couldn´t see clear.

I went to the bathroom again. And the next I remember is that I am standing in the doorway and one of the guys I knew,  is asking me how I am and that I have been to the bathroom for 30 minutes. I didn´t know what had happened , and just wanted to go back to the hotel. I went outside , told my friend that I didn´t feel very well and that I was going back to the hotel. I told my friend that she could just stay and the guy offered to walk me to the hotel . It was only 10 minutes away.

However I didn´t get that far.

We came around the corner from the bar and I collapsed. That is the last thing I remember.

My friend told me that the guy came running back to the bar, two minutes after we had left,  to fetch her. They called the ambulance. I was at this point not moving at all and hardly breathing. She went with me in the ambulance to a hospital were I was pumped and given heart massage. She thought I wouldn´t make it.

I woke up the next day not knowing were I was or what had happened with an older man shouting for his mother. A male nurse came with a note  from my friend saying :

I thought I lost you yesterday, they gave you heart massage and everything. I have never been so scared in my life. I really thought you died . When they told me you were okey I  went to the hotel to have a sleep,  call me when you wake up and I will come and get you.

The tests showed that it was rohypnol in my blood. I had been drugged.

By who? I don´t know. Maybe it was someone random. Maybe by the guys we thought we knew.

I only had two, three sips of the drink. And at the hospital they told me, that if I had had a couple more, I would have been dead. My body didn´t handle it.

Be careful! Protect your drink! If you leave your drink for a second, get a new one. Take care of your friends. If you see that your friend is acting different, do not leave them alone.

I was lucky ! Not everybody is.




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