I Need Some Colour

Where I live it is sunny most part of the year. It hardly rains, EVER! But wintertime has unfortunateĀ  gotten colder the last years šŸ™ It is not just the fact that I am not a fan of snow and freezing my a** off, but also my health which is the reason for me running away to the sunny land. I promise , sun IS good for your health.

However it is strange that even tough it is mostly sunny here, when it comes to June I really get that proper summer feeling. I want soda with lemon, fresh shrimps on loaf, barbecue , rose wine on the terrace, the perfect summer tan , beach blonde hair ( even tough I am currently dark and that probably suits me better ) I want it all! And I want it NOW!

And the home decore ! I want to make the home ready for summer. I am a massive fan of DIY , but have noticed that in the wintertime I canĀ“t really be bothered. Then itĀ“s enough with loads of candles and cosy blankets, tidy and clean. Hahaha, tidy and clean! ThatĀ“s the hardest part all year around and we donĀ“t even have kids yet.

Here is some of the bloggs IĀ“ve found recently, in the search for the summertime inspiration šŸ˜€

A Beautiful Mess have a lot of different ideas and loads of diy tips. Check it HERE !


And then there is Pinterest ! I absolutelyĀ  L O V E pinterest !

What interior blogg can you recommend ? Or do you have a special blogg that inspire you ?




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