You Should Look Like A Million Dollars

You should have kids. You home should be spotless. You should have a great job. Your spouse should be amazing. And you? You should look like a million dollars/pound/euros !!!

What pressure? It there a pressure?

Oh, most definitely!

The other day I went on the morning walk with Dave the dog as I do every morning. However this morning it was finally really hot again, so I just chucked some shorts on  as he was getting very  impatience. It’s been some long cold months and I knew my legs would be as white as snow, but one do have to start somewhere. The music was beaming out of my headset, the dog ran around me shepherding , sky was clear blue and I could feel the sun on my whole body. I felt great !

Until I looked down. And let me tell you, it wasn’t the colour on my legs that shocked me.

Cellulite’s !!! Cellulite’s ??? Me ??? Cellulite’s ??? Cellulites on me? My thighs ? Cellulites on my thighs !!!

I got instant nauseous. Ran home and went straight on google. I think there is about a million creams and other treatments out there. And I guess that is good, if one knew witch one to trust…

The fact that there is treatments out there is good. The fact that it made me feel sick , not so much.

Everyday women get told how to look and how to act in picture perfect magazines. ( who we all know , use photoshop in everything) I am not a Barbie , not a model. I am me . And I want to feel great for me. If there is a product out there, that can make me feel better. I will try it. And I will probably never leave the house without make-up. Well..I am also a make-up artist 😉

But the problem here is how media tell you how you should look. Like this “Extreme makeover programs” who tell women that they need surgery to fix their whole appearance, that it’s not enough with guidance to get the right clothes, make-up, hair that fits you. To feel better about who you are.

Insecurity is b******* !!!  I comes nothing good with it ! Only jealousy, grief and sadness !


I am in my 30’s and should be way past this now. But that is not the reality. Probably not far from putting all my money in really expensive creams and botox. Well, only to grow gracefully. Yeah, because we all need to grow old gracefully ! *sigh* I am not sure if I can blame the magazines anymore. Maybe it is because it has gone too deep. Or maybe it is in my head.

I think we are all beautiful in our own way. And we should do what is best for ourselves . Whether that is treatments or loads of make-up or “all natural ”


In the end , there is nothing worse than a super hot, model looking person, with a awful shit fake personality. Right ?

What do you think? Is it the media or are we putting the pressure on ourselves ?




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