Who Are You Living For ?

Why are we always aiming to please? Why do we always have to do stuff, so that others will consider us successful ? And by the way ….who dedices what sucsess is ?

Now that I have passed the dreaded 3 – 0 ….There are always the same questions coming my way. And by always, I DO mean always. When are you getting married? When are you going to have kids? Have you thought about a pension plan? What do you do for a living? What are your plans for your future ? Why do you have tattoos, what about when you get older !?! ( This I have heard since I was 16, so I actually manage to ignore the question or I just look at them with a big  surprised  grin on my face and say ” Oh, my !!!  I haven’t tought about that !! ” )

Ok, maybe this are question everybody gets unless you work in a 9-5 job, have 2/3 kids, the average house, car and post happy shit on facebook.

Sometimes I just want to be honest! Tell them straight how it is. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I guess I just give a sarcastic answer . Not because I want to be rude. But because I am tired of always getting the same question, followed with the same SorryForYou grin.

But excuse me ! What is normal? And why is the society putting this pressure on people? Why are we all expected to live and do the same thing? And why do some people have the nerve to ask this questions?

Of course I want all above! Who wouldn’t ?


So apparently I am getting old and apparently I have to hurry up and the WORST thing is that apparently I am too old to colour my hair PINK !!!

Age ! Hate it ! Some say it’s just a number, but it sure puts the pressure on you!

Or is that pressure put on you by the society?




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