Still haven’t found what I am looking for

 I think I am having a bit of a tough week. I am doubting everything I do, everything I feel, how I look, my present and my future. I guess the only thing we can be sure about is our past. And you know what they all say “Let go of your past and focus on your future” Well that is easier said than done!

Where I am , it is warm and sunny! It takes 15 minutes to walk to a beautiful beach overlooking the crystal clear sea. The sunset changes shape and colour every evening. And still I am filled with this empty feeling. I don’t know what road to take from here. Should I stay or should I go. Or I am overanalysing everything at the moment. Searching the web for jobs and  advice on ” How to become more happy”. or ” How to find yourself “. I can tell you that , there are ALOT of advice out there. And on the other hand , what is happiness?

A job where you make millions or a job you really love? A beautiful mansion or a cosy place to call home ? Loads of “friends” or a few you know are always true and there for you?

Well it’s been a long time, long time now Since I’ve seen you smile And I’ll gamble away my fright And I’ll gamble away my time And in a year, a year or so This will slip into the sea Well it’s been a long time, long time now

There is so many things I regret. Things that I should have done different or not at all. And yeas, I  do know it is about time to let it all go and accept where I am in life and do my best from here. In the end of the day, I think I am sure what  want. Yeas, I wrote think. One can never be too sure. It might change you know 😉

So I have decided to give some of this internet advices a go. Why not? What do I have to loos like?

What is your best advice to happiness and what makes you truly happy ?




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